Biking log

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Langlaufen and riding the snow

Location: Boswachterij Ruinen
Duration: 2.5 hrs
Distance: ?
Weather: snow, thawing
Comments: Now at last, snow. This langlauf thing proved to be more difficult than I thought. The first time I hit the street, was when loading the car, right on my own parking spot I slipped away and fell. When we arrived in the woods, it was still dark, and you could feel that Jack Frost left, the trees where already dripping. But there it was, the trail with the virginal snow, no footsteps, no dog prints, just white snow. I put on the skies and got off. It was hard to keep the skies parallel and get the right rhythm. I think I did 6 kilometer and only the last kilometer I got the idea that I did okay. Gliding down the hill went very smooth, but at the foot of it, while looking over my shoulder I hit the ground for the second time. The soles of my shoes that got lose during the skiing now came of completely. Luckily I was almost back at the car. I got on my bike and had a nice ride through the snow and ice. With my bike I hit the ground for the third time. Now riding into a frozen car track with my rear wheel. I felt the bike go and rolled over on the ground.


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